2019: Atiku too desperate for power – Tsav

Former Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has described former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as being too ambitious and desperate.

Tsav speaking with Sun said Atiku’s defection from one party to another does not depict him as a principled politician.

The anti-corruption crusader urged the former Vice President to realize that it was only Allah that gives power to whosoever he so wishes.

He said “As a Nigerian, Atiku has every right to seek being elected into any elective position of his choice. He is absolutely free to do so.

“But the only area I disagree with Atiku is the way he chooses to realize his ambition. He has become a perpetual defector, jumping from one party to another in order to realize his ambition.

“But his action and habit doesn’t reflect or show that of a principled politician. Atiku is overambitious and too desperate.

“What Atiku should realize is that it is only Allah that gives power to whomsoever He desires. Atiku is just too desperate. Today he is in APC, tomorrow he is back in PDP, over what? He should realize that power belongs to Almighty Allah.”

In regards to being running mate with President Muhammadu Buhari, Tsav said “Atiku is very rich and should not be taken seriously whereas President Buhari is not rich, but principled.

“Atiku is very rich and he can afford to play with money, whereas President Buhari is not rich, but principled and service-oriented.

“However, left to me, Atiku should not be taken serious. He has become a perpetual defector who is desperate for political power. One thing he should realize is that in the political history of Nigeria, it is only those individuals that were not desperate for political power that Allah usually install as our president. Dailypost.ng

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