Boko Haram: ISIS Threatens To Withdraw Supports

For their failure to annex territories on the Nigerian soil, the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria, ISIS has threatened to withdraw its supports for the Islamic State for West African Province (ISWAP).

In August 2016, IS leadership recognized Barnawi as ISWA’s new leader replacing Shekau.

Since then, ISWAP enjoyed logistical support including drone making technology, foreign fighter’s insertion, tactical and strategic intelligence sharing with IS especially with its Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and marginalized and isolated Egyptian Jihadi Salafi militants.

Recently, the arrest of Hisham Asmawi, a former Egyptian special force commander turn al-Qaida commander and the success that followed the arrest made counter terrorism officials anticipate the renewed ISWAP offensive in the light of the forthcoming Nigerian election.

The renewed multiple attacks on Yobe/Borno axis and Lake Chad flanks are part of the IS Maghreb/Saharawi /Sudan and Lake Chad desperate move to secure toehold in Nigeria.

On Wednesday 26th December 2018 the terrorists attacked the headquarters of 7 Brigade Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF),  Baga, Borno State, at about 7.00pm.

The troops along with their Nigerian Navy counterparts put up a very determined fight to repel the attack throughout the night, while Sector 3 Operation LAFIYA DOLE sent in reinforcement that are in hot pursuit of the terrorists.

Similarly, the Nigerian Air Force component has also been mobilised and are engaging the fleeing terrorists.

Unfortunately, a naval personnel was killed in action. So far, no further details of casualties yet as efforts are on going to clear the terrorists hiding in Baga and environs.


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