Buhari: My Preferred Candidate May Be Killed If I Mention Him

President Muhammadu Buhari says the name of the candidate who he would prefer to succeed him in 2023 will be kept secret.

With months to the 2023 election, there have been speculations on who becomes the next president.

Speaking during an interview with Channels Television aired on Wednesday, Buhari said his “favourite” for the presidency in 2023 will be “eliminated” if he mentions the person’s name.

 “I wouldn’t say because he may be eliminated if I mention. I better keep it. It is secret,” he said.

Asked what comes to his mind when he hears about the 2023 elections, Buhari said the next general election is not his problem.

On what he’d prefer to see in operation for the next government, the president sounded uninterested, adding that nobody should invite him to come and present evidence in court after his tenure.

Buhari added that he is making sure that all-important things carried out by his administration are on record.

 “No. Let him come, whoever it is. All important things I’ll make sure that they are on record. Nobody should ask me to come and give any evidence in any court, otherwise, whoever it is, he will be in trouble because all important things are on record,” he said.

On his legacy, the president said his administration has conducted itself with “integrity” by putting an end to “stealing and misappropriation”.

Buhari added that the expectations of Nigerians are so high that failure in resource control could lead to revolt.

“I think my legacy is that I try to make sure that we conduct ourselves with integrity. That means we stop all the stealing as much as the system can allow. We stopped misappropriation and for Nigerians that is very important,” he said.

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