Buhari son’s accident, more questions begging for answer

By Mazi Okafor Chukwuemeka, PhD

It is no longer news that Mr Yusuf Buhari son of President Muhammadu Buhari was involved in an auto bike crash somewhere around Gwarimpa area in Abuja, last week.

Preliminary assessment points to the direction of hostile motive, as the driving force behind the unfortunate accident. Could it be a scientific attack? A dereliction of duty. Or both? It is important therefore to situate the role of the DSS, which has the primary responsibility of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the First Family.

In this regard the mandate of the Security Service Personnel attached to the first Family, holistically encompasses all aspects of threats and containment. The personnel makes appraisals and appreciation of all scenarios based on their estimate to guide the movement, whether walking, jogging, and vehicular or air transportation of key members of the President, his Vice and their families.

Importantly Mr Charlie Boy Oputa, the self- proclaimed leader of the auto bikers in Nigeria is a prominent anti Buhari character with a penchant of throwing up inflammatory, unsubstantiated statements against the administration.

His short lived movement OUR MUMU DON’T DO, almost got him lynched at Wuse market. It also created a breakdown of law and order, which was fast degenerating into ethnic violence but for the intervention of the police. Mr Oputa made uncharitable and very uncomplimentary remarks when the President was on sick vacation abroad.

This brings us to the task of objectively analyzing the circumstance surrounding the unfortunate crash. Is Mr Yusuf a high- powered motor bike enthusiast? Where and when did he purchase the said bike involved in the accident, and from which source? Who were his motor bike affiliates? Was he ever part of professional motor bike club? When and where was his first biking identity? Where was his take off point and intended destination before the accident and who were his companions?

Was Charlie Boy and his associates part of his cycling company bearing in mind that Charlie is residing in Gwarimpa? Lastly, which auto bike cycling group has he been associated with including contacts and hunts?

We should therefore appraise the situation properly that not long ago the APC chieftain Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu lost his son and few months afterwards, the son of the President got involved in an auto bike crash under very suspicious circumstance.

In the history of Nigeria there was never a time son of a serving President was involved in motor bike crash, but there was the case of Mr Ibrahim Abacha son of late General Sani Abacha and Mr Zakari Mohammed son of late General Murtala Mohammed who lost his lost under suspicious ghastly motor accident along Suleja-Minna road in the year 1993.

In the international arena, the controversial death of Lady Diana Princess of Wales is fresh memory of the global intelligence community. Equally, the death of Kim Jong Nam, the brother to the leader of North Korea, is a clearly disturbing sponsored murder. These are few examples to illustrate the capacity of conspirators all over the world to inflict damage on vulnerable targets using scientific attack just accomplish a particular objective.

The most disturbing development in this case is the failure of security details attached to Yusuf to discharge their duty efficiently and professionally. Their inability to identify risk elements associated or with similar passion is a major drawback and a clear case of inexcusable negligence and professional misconduct.

The National Security Adviser should immediately set up an administrative investigation panel to look into the circumstances in which the DSS operatives attached to the Presidency operationally perform so dismally, which put the life of the young man in danger, this is coming in the light of blame game against the Director General Of DSS Mr Lawal Musa Daura who is accused by the service personnel of promoting mediocrity and incompetence.

Chukwuemeka PhD, a retired security and intelligence analyst, contributed this piece from Houston, United States.




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