CJN: PMB, Please Stop Destroying Your Image

It is very sad to see a person destroying for whatever reason all he built for most part of his life. It is with this sadness I just received the news that PMB has suspended the Chief Justice of Nigeria and replaced him with a new one.

Both civilian GMB and PMB (in his early days) have consistently been advocates of the law. As civilian GMB, it is impossible for anyone to remember how many times he condemned the sacking of Justice Salami by President Jonathan, for example. That sounded music to our ears. We thought PDP mafia has caised so much damage to the nation by denying this man the chance to become our President. We paid deaf ears to arguments reminding us of his atrocities against democracy and rule of law in the 1980s, neutralizing them by saying he is now a democrat.

Then 2015 happened. He became PMB. Truly, he initially set out to abide by the rule law and the doctrine of separation of powers in particular so much so that, against all advice, he stood stood his ground on not intefering the politics of the National Assembly. You can say he was naive but he was himself.

Unfortunately, with the determination to get re-elected by any means, he handed over the entire planning and execution of the process to renowned crooks, from near and afar, to whom no point could be too low to descend. And Mr. Integrity is gladly holding unto their rope as they descend with him to the abyss. Suspending the CJN has vitiated the President’s claim to rule of law because nowhere has the law permitted the him to do so. The Constitution is very clear on how the CJN can be removed. It did not leave any room for doubt.

According to Section 292 of the Constitution, the President can do so only “on an address supported by two-thirds majority of the Senate”. Simple.

The claim to abide by the law and by the doctrine of separation of powers is finally blown with the winds of ill-advice and consort with crooks as was done to the claim to fight corruption with the numerous reported, yet unprosecuted corruption cases in the Presidency, the Federal and State governments. Even Obasanjo who said his re-election is a do-or-die affair showed more courage in facing the polls than Buhari. None of the much villified PDP Presidents made the daughter of his in-law the announcer of his election and then still go as low as suspending the CJN.

May God avail PMB the opportunity and strength to redeem his image as civilian GMB. May he prevent him from a reverse mutation back into the GMB of the 80s especially as he dreams to lead us in his Next Level where he will never contest again and could therefore damn the consequences and do as he wishes. Amen. Amen. Amen.

May God remind PMB, as he is surrounded by these vultures, that power belongs to God. If He wills that he will win the 2019 election, he will do so easily. So let him spare this kind of damage to his image.

It is really sad.

Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde contributed this piece on http://facebook.com/Aliyu.u.tilde

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