Eid-El-Fitr: Tailors, customers, in hide-and-seek game

One day after the Eid-El-Fitr, a ‘hide and seek’ game has continued to play out in Bauchi between some tailors and their customers, sequel to failure of the former to meet deadline for sewing of Sallah cloths.

A Correspondent of the News of Nigeria (NAN) reports that some tailors who could not fulfill their promise, had abandoned their shops three days to Sallah, subjecting their customers to endless and fruitless shuttles.

In one such case, a customer who identified himself as Aliyu Ahmed said he gave his materials and those of his children to a tailor three weeks to Sallah, but could not trace him for the past four days.

“I am not alone in this dilemma. I gathered there are other customers that are ‘hunting’ for him; my worry is that of the children; I pray we do not meet soon because the encounter will be catastrophic,” he fumed.

A female customer, Mrs Amina Salihu, who was also seen ‘mounting sentry’ at the shop of another tailor in Bauchi, narrated the same experience.

“What annoys me most is that these tailors are hardly straight-forward in their dealings. They accept materials close to festivities even when they had more than enough, only to disappoint people,” she lamented.

A tailor in Fadaman Mada area of Bauchi, Malam Ibrahim Usman, who was seen sewing cloths on Sallah day, told NAN that although in most cases, the tailors are at fault, the customers also shared the blame.

“I am aware of many such cases of failure to meet deadline, especially this Sallah. The problem has to do with miscalculation by tailors.

“Some just take a look at the workload and assume they can make it, but if there is any slight hiccup along the line, like sickness, or an unexpected prolonged engagement, meeting deadline becomes a challenge and they cannot take the materials back to customers.

“They are therefore left with only the option of playing hide and seek game; some even travel out of town for fear of being spotted somewhere by their aggrieved customers,” he said.

Usman advised that customers should endeavour to plan well ahead of festivities, just as he advised tailors to always ‘bite only what they can chew’.

“I have customers who bring materials for sewing two months ahead of Sallah and they do not have any problem; I know resources are scarce but with advanced planning, everything is possible,” he advised.

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