Elrufai’s action threat to democracy, says CNG

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has said that the demolition of opposition offices in Kaduna by Governor Nasir el-Rufai is not only autocratic and barbaric but a lartent threat to democracy as well.

In a statement emailed to the press, CNG’s spokesperson Abdul-Azeez Suleiman further described the demolition as both existential threat to peace and a brutal encroachment on the right of citizens to hold differing views.

Suleiman said it would be callous for el-Rufai to continue to impune on individuals rights to ownership of property in the name of stemming political opposition and still think that he will not be challenged.

“The CNG pities the uncharacteristic gullibility displayed by the Kaduna state voter in opting for a man who is proud to be labeled as”Mai Rusau” which literally means “the destroyer”, Suleiman said.

He added that the entire state is now paying the price of that gullibility hoping the electorate would be a bit more vigilant in the choice of leaders in the future.

CNG called on the civil society and democracy defenders to against what they call, “elrufai’s penchant for inappropriate use of power”.

“We strongly condemn the governor’s quick resort to the use of force and demolition of opponents’s properties at the slightest of political disagreement.

“We also call for the intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari and the leadership of the All Progressives Congress in calling the Governor to order and ensuring the prompt and adequate payment of compensation to the innocent non-partsan occupants of the demolished building.”

The CNG called on the people to remain peaceful and law abiding while civil and democratic options are pursued for the prevention of the reoccurrence of such open display of intolerance.

The Coalition chided the State House of Assembly for remaining silent in the face of such affront to all known democratic tenets by the executive.


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