Embattled Pantami Threatens Daily Independent Newspaper

Dr. Ali Isa Pantami, the embattled Digital Economy and Communications Minister who is currently on the eye of the storm over his videos declaring war on United States of America and praising Abu Musa Al-Zarqawi and Osama Bin Ladin, has threatened to sue Daily Independent newpaper.

In a writ of summon by his lawyer, Micheal Jonathan, Senior Partner, Karina Tunyan (SAN) and Coy, the minister is accusing Daily Independent of libel and maligning his personality as minister and Islamic scholar against him.

Pantami, has written to the publishers of Daily Independent newspapers demanding public apology and retraction of a story alleging that he is on a United States watchlist over alleged link to Boko Haram.

The minister demanded that the newspaper recant the story it published in its Sunday edition within 24 hours or face legal consequences.

The letter addressed to the Managing Director/Editor-in-chief of the newspaper, the lawyers said Mr  Pantami’s reputation as a scholar and notable public figure was badly damaged by the publication.

“That you convene a press conference to publicly announce your retraction while dissociating our client from the false claims you made which are seriously injurious to our client’s personality,” the letter read.

In the story, which has since gone viral, the newspaper quoted an unnamed US government report which allegedly speak to the minister’s sympathy to Boko Haram and preaching of the sect’s doctrines.

In one of the videos that were removed from You Tube due to the violence and hateful content, Pantami briefly gave a brief overview of the history of Al-Zarqawi.

Another video that went viral on social media, Pantami was quoted as saying: “By the grace of God the day will come when we will face America and destroy it and by the power of God we will establish the religion of Allah after we destroy America.

“May the soul of Ahmad Alfazi and Abu Musab al Zaqawi (Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi) rest in peace, may Allah be pleased with them and forgive their faults, for as humans they necessarily have offended God, we pray for them, may Allah forgive their faults, ”Pantami says in one of his many videos.

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