Experts Flay Kano Censors Board Ban On Arewa 24 Progammes

Experts in the media and entertainment industry have expressed their displeasure and dismay over the decision by the Kano State Censors Board banning the two programmes of Arewa 24 television stations.

The two programmes Kwana Chasa’in and Gidan Badamasi were the core drama series being air by the station on weekly basis.

Among the reasons given by the chairman of the board,  Alhaji Ismail Na’Abba Afakallah said the programmes were full obscene and vulgar contents, thereby, offending the sensibilities of Kano citizens and also aiding in further corrupting the minds of the teeming youth in the state.

But an expert, who prefers anonymity, said, in the first instance, Kano state is part and parcel of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and that the constitution of Nigeria is supreme to any law enacted by any state in the federating unit.

He added that:  “Secondly, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and Nigerian Films and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) are the only statutory bodies recognized by the constitution to act as arbiters in the broadcasting and entertainment industries.

“If there is any complaint about any contents in any FM or Television stations, Afakallah should channel it to NBC or NFVCB, but Kano state does not have any rights to issues directives stopping any programmes to Arewa 24,” he added.

The expert maintained that this and many actions taken by the Kano state censors board in the past have exposed its leadership as people who are intolerant and ignorant of the functions and extant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He saluted the courage of actors and actresses of Kannywood, who despite harassments and intimidations by the board are still waxing stronger.

“I acknowledge the courage of these young men and women who have, despite mounting oppressive witch-hunting by these pseudo-puritanical demagogues, these artists have taken the industry to enviable heights in the industry.”

Another commentator, Ahmed Abdulkadir, who expressed his opinion on social media, said, “ I have the desire to offer some explanations to the best of my understanding in order to make some people understand the relationship between some broadcast stations such as Arewa24 and the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC.

”NBC is Nigeria’s regulatory authority that grants broadcast licenses to radio and television stations and exercises control over them. These are called terrestrial broadcast stations. There are some satellite broadcast stations that also require licenses from NBC to operate.

“However, what many people don’t know or don’t understand is that there are some broadcast stations that do not require a broadcast license from NBC to broadcast into Nigeria’s air space. These are stations that broadcast via satellite. I want to explain in a layman’s language in order not to further confuse people.

“Arewa24 is a TV station based in Kano and it transmits from another country into Nigeria via satellite on a free-to-air platform. On that account, it does not require a license from NBC to broadcast since it does not transmit from Nigeria; it only broadcasts its signals into Nigeria from another country. What it has in Kano is a studio where it packages its programs and sends them to another country from where it transmits.

“So Kano Censors Board does not have any mandate to suspend any programme of Arewa 24, the least they can do is to report the station  to the regulatory agency.”

Also Hajara Abubakar Sadiq posted on her Facebook page, saying: “You are a bloody liar Afakallah. Arewa 34 is far above the local politics of your group who have nothing to offer except hatred and bigotry. Arewa 24 is soaring higher and higher.”


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