Group Warns Al-Nur Mosque Over Pantami

Arewa Muslims Youth Against Terrorism, (AMUYAT), a Non-Governmental Organization championing the cause against Islamic extremism and faith-based violent tendencies, has written a terse letter to the management of Al-Nur Mosque over Dr Ali Isa Pantami.

In a statement signed by its National Amir, Mubbashir Abdul-Baki, said: it has become imperative to draw the attention of the Mosque over Pantami’s activities as it relates to his preachings, especially during Ramadan fast

The Amir said he won’t hesitate to mobilize his teeming members to picket the Mosque, if Pantami was not stopped using the Mosque.

The Group sited some of hateful and virulent preachings of Pantami on some videos that went viral in social media about comments against United States and praising Abu Musa Al-Zarqawi and Osama Ben Laden.

In another video, Pantami was heard celebrating Taliban leader Mullah Omar for his decision to destroy UNESCO World Heritage sites of tallest Buddhists status, Bamiyan in central Afghanistan despite global appeal.

The Amir added that: “Pantami also believes in the destruction of Egyptian Pyramids and encouraged young people like those who burnt down Timbuktu tombs at Djenguereber Mosque, in Mali.

“He rejected photography, print on national currently and pictorial posters for campaigns.

“He called for the abolishment of the Gregorian calendar of infidels and many other similar things as apostasy,” he added.

The Amir called on the President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack Pantami, adding that: “the man’s convictions and beliefs are in total contraventions of the secular nature of the Nigerian state, hence leaving at the helm of this important government institution is a total negation of the secular status of the country,” the Amir concluded.

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