IBB urges solution to killings in Nigeria

Former Military President, Mr Ibrahim Babangida, has called for urgent steps to be taken in addressing the numerous security challenges confronting the nation.

He was particularly worried about the current bloodshed in some parts of the country.

“We have witnessed so much bloodshed through communal clashes and conflicts that need urgent actions to stop them now,” he said.

The former leader also urged members of the Armed Forces and security agencies to remain apolitical, neutral and focus on the ethics of discipline which is the hallmark of their profession.

Leaders at all levels of governance were also not exempted as Babangida admonished them to serve as national vanguards in resolving the various conflicts affecting the nation’s security.

He added, “As people, we should inculcate our cultural values, that promote good conduct, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence. We should eschew hate speeches, discrimination and other vices that trigger senseless violence and bloodshed.”

While congratulating the Nigerian Armed Forces on the celebration of this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day, he advised Nigerians to demonstrate their appreciation of the courage of the fallen heroes by providing support for the welfare and upkeep of the families they left behind.


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