Kaduna 2019: Sani Sha’aban, the man to beat

By Aliyu Hayatu

Permit me to add my petite voice to the euphoric voices already clamoring for Sani Sha’aban’s candidacy in the upcoming 2019 Governorship election. And rightly so!

A poorly-handled search for a Governorship flag bearer by a discordance of characters over the years, has led the state to an unfocused and unmitigated democratic debacle.

Many Kaduna state have ignored the essence of our failing egalitarianism. We must acknowledge that we are the instigators of our bad leadership, since we have accepted and allowed mediocrity to shine over merit – as if it is normal – and naturally, we are left with no one to be blamed but ‘we, the people’.

We have been constantly reminded by the political hegemony that they know what our problems are and that they have the solutions, but they have never revealed how the solutions they proffer will fix the pervasive malady and incompetence of Kaduna state leadership. It is in this vein that I have decided to help amplify the calls for the former Member House of Representatives to be given a chance.

I make bold to say that each time he threw his hat into the political ring to contest for the highest political office in the state , he had done so fully prepared and armed with a manifesto detailing his policies, vis-a-vis the implementation strategies from experts coming together from different strata of our economic, security and social endeavours– need I say, he has the intellectual capacity to select persons who can execute these tasks – even to the admiration of his political opponents. Evidently, his philanthropic lifestyle, his chains of businesses across Nigeria with thousands of employees have lent credence to the purposeful leadership he is equipped to provide.

One must also salute the boldness of those individuals and group of persons, who have shown maturity of political awareness as they speak up in support of Sani Sha’aban’s candidacy for the 2019 Govertorial election,due to its heterogeneous nature, is not a state that can or should be governed by mere intentions and dreams. It must be governed with genuine and sound ideas in tune with the yearning and general aspirations of our middle class and the teeming youths.

The myriad of problems facing the state at the moment cannot be wished away by mere lamentation and teeth-gnashing.

There’s need for concerted efforts by able-bodied and intellectually-gifted men and women of this state led by a strong, dependable and reliable leadership to take us out of this self imposed journey into the doldrums, and Sani Sha’aban will do that. He has passed the test of leadership at all given times. Therefore, this is not a misplaced outburst.

Sani Sha’aban,beyond the shadow of a doubt, has demonstrated the capacity and fitness to lead this state especially, at a time like this that wisdom is required to amend the torn fabric of our dear State.

Finally, we all know that discontent, distrust, insecurity, unemployment and fear are perfect recipe for disaster. We avert such doom with Sani Sha’aban at the helm.

Comrade Aliyu Hayatu contributed this piece from Kaduna State




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