Nigerian Digital Economy Minister, Ali Pantami Declares War On US

Source: Al Sahab Media

“By the grace of God the day will come when we will face America and destroy it and by the power of God we will establish the religion of Allah after we destroy America.

“May the soul of Ahmad Alfazi and Abu Musab al Zaqawi (Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi) rest in peace, may Allah be pleased with them and forgive their faults, for as humans they necessarily have offended God, we pray for them, may Allah forgive their faults, ”Pantami says in one of his many videos.

Isa Pantami, born October 20, 1972, is Deputy Secretary General of the Supreme Sharia Council (SCS) in Nigeria.

He studies Salafist ideologues in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with Muhammad Umar Fallatah, Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen and Abdulmuhsin ibne Abbad, among others.

These teachers have greatly influenced and conditioned his Wahabbi / Salafi journey. His reputation is more that of a Boko Haramist ideologue than an engineer.

Prior to his appointment as minister, Pantami was well known as an Islamic preacher admired by many impressionable young people for his anti-American rhetoric.

An associate of the late Mohammed Yusuf, the assassinated leader of Boko Haram who shared with him jihadist doctrine, activism and the violent spread of Islam. Pantami had ties to Abu Qatada al Falastini, according to some Western intelligence sources.

The Nigerian Security and Intelligence Establishment is concerned that Dr Pantami’s failure to monitor had taken place at the request of senior President Abba Kyari.

In one of the videos that were removed from You Tube due to the violence and hateful content, Pantami briefly gave a brief overview of the history of Al-Zarqawi.

A transcription:

“Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was born in 1966 and died at the age of 40.

“He was educated in Jordan from where he emigrated to Afghanistan after September 11. He joined the leader of the AlQaeda group Usama ibn Muhammad ibn Laden. We continue to pray for him and his faults be forgiven, for as human beings we are bound to make mistakes.
"Under Osama's leadership, he became the unit commander of the army of AlQaida with the support of the commander of the loyal Maula Umar (Taliban leader)
“It was after the September 11 attack that he suffered a serious leg injury and was taken to Iraq for treatment where he spent a long time recovering.
“When Iraq was attacked by the Enemies of God, this great man joined in the fight leading his group against the US military and its allies in Iraq.
“This great man was bombed at his residence. The bomb was so intense that nine people killed could not be identified. Only fingerprints were used to identify the corpses.
"These are our ardent prayers to die as martyrs in the jihad, may we die in the jihadist struggle until the end of our lives," end of transcript.
Middle Eastern intelligence sources have confirmed with their Western counterparts recent photos of former Alqaida activist Sheikh Isa Ali Pantami which recently surfaced online as part of Intel's treasure exploitation. captured former Saudi Arabian terrorists based in Arabia and others from Al-Qaeda-based official online media, Al-Sahab Media, which confirmed its claim of Al-Qaeda affiliation with Osama Bin Laden.

Source: Al Sahab Media
Due to popular demands by our teeming readers, we translated the French version of this story to English and reproduced it.

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