Pantami declares allegiance for global terrorism, supports for Al-Qaeda

Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami has stirred controversy in a video of his preaching, praising and praying for the leaders of Al-Qaeda, Usama Bin Ladin and Abu Musab Al- Zarqawi.

Pantami who was recently elevated to the position of minister by President Muhammadu Buhari was also heard in the video declaring war on the government and people of United States of America, a strong ally of Nigeria in the fight against terrorism.

“By the grace of God, the day will come that we will be able to face America and by power of God we will established the religion of Allah after destroying America.”

“May the soul of Ahmad Alfazir rest in peace (Abu Musab Al- Zarqawi), may Allah be pleased with him and forgive his Short Comings because as human being he is bound to have offended God, so we pray for him, may Allah forgive his Short comings,” he stated.

In a said video, Pantami went down the memory lane to give a brief biography of Al-Zarqawi to his teeming listeners, adding that” “Al-Zarqawi born in 1966 and died at the age 40, was educated in Jordan from where he migrated to Afganistan after September 9/11. He joined the leader of AlQaeda group Usama ibn Muhammad ibn Laden.

“We continue to pray for him and may his shortcomings be forgiven because as humans we are bound to make mistakes.

“Under the leadership of Usama, he became a sector commander of Al-Qaeda army with the support of commander of the faithful Maula Umar (Taliban leader).

“It was after the 9/11 attack that he was seriously injured on one leg and taken to Iraq for treatment where he spent a long time to recover.

“When Iraq was attacked by the enemies of God, this great man joined the fight leading his group against the American army and it’s allies in Iraq.

“This great man was bombed at his residence. The bomb was so intense that mine people killed could not be identified. Only fingerprints were used to identify the dead bodies.

“It’s our ardent prayers to died as martyrs in the course of jihad may we die in the service of jihad  and be accepted as Jihadi warriors to the end,” he concluded.

Pundits who commented on the social media wondered why a leading government official be lampooning United States, Nigeria’s strongest ally in the fights against terrorism and pitching his tents with renowned terrorists who caused the death of many innocent souls globally.


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