Sadiya Umar Farooq: As The Amazon Soars Higher . . .

Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farooq doesn’t need any introduction, her visible imprints and pedigree in the public sector have for long bestrode the political landscape of Nigeria, an ardent believer of the political ideals of President Muhammadu Buhari — principles of honesty, integrity and dedication to the duty.

An Amazon of impeccable character and moral rectitude, her nomination into the Federal Executive Council has further lend credence to the notion that President Muhammadu Buhari is certainly means serious business this time around and wants to leave an enduring legacy for future generations.

Her track records of service as a National Commissioner for Refugee, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons were enormous, impressive and enduring. A holder of two degrees from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, born in Zamfara State, whose passion for humanitarian service is boundless and unequalled.

Her inclusion into the cabinet at this crucial moment on the lives of our nation would further reinvigorate the uniqueness and pace of the governance, because her undying quest for Nigeria’s progress in an atmosphere of unity in diversity.

When her name was mentioned in Abuja in a ministerial list, her mind and soul are in Bauchi doing what see knows best — offering livelihood support programme for IDPs.  And the type of livelihood supports programme the commissions offers is not limited to distributions of relief materials, but also engaging the dwellers of the camps by teaching them various crafts and business initiatives so that in future they can be self-sustaining.

Musa from Toro LG who benefitted from her commission’s support for his 1.5 hectare maize, thanked the President for her nomination.  “We thank Baba Buhari for her nomination as a minister, Hajiya is one of the people we would like to be seeing working with Baba because she is passionate about helping the less priviledge of the society,” Musa enthused.

Also, Aliyu Musa from Azare, was able to co-opt his siblings on his vulcanizer business courtesy of Sadiya’s gesture, when he was trained and assisted to be on his feet.

Hajara Mohammad, a widow, became expert in soap making business, she is now shouldering her responsibilities due to Sadiya’s efforts.

These and many more interventions from refugee commissions are such a unique approach adopted by Sadiya for engagements and inter-face with many IDPs across the Nigeria, in order to offer succor and alleviate the crutching scourge of poverty bedeviling our nation.

Avalanche of testimonies from individuals and organizations to her commission for identifying communities, IDPs who needed supports reflected how deep and overly passionate Sadiya humanitarian services are.

From Bassa in Plateau State where agricultural inputs where distributed to IDPs to launching of Conventional Trade Document (CTD) for refugee that are legally residing in Nigeria to the signing a communiqué on behalf of Nigeria for the Tripartite Commission for the repatriation of Nigerian refugee, her itinerary were full of engagements for either refugees, migrants or internally displaced persons.

As a diligent persona, Sadiya expressed her displeasure on the pace of a transit camp for the refugees returning from Cameroon, she added: “no one and none of us deserved to be a refugee or to live in camps. Those that are there today have been forced by circumstances . . .we must know that assisting refugees and those in need is part of our value systems as a country and we must join forces to step with refugees.”

Last year she toured virtually all the states of the federation who were affected with one disasters or another — from Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, states under the siege of armed marauders, Borno, Yobe, the stronghold of Boko Haram, to Benue, Plateau, Adamawa, Taraba — her commission distributed relief materials, across those states, and she would always emphasize empathy, sympathy and concern for living affected by disasters, be it man made or natural.

Certainly the commission will miss this Amazon of our time, but Nigerians, will benefit from Sadiya Umar Farooq, whose zeals for humanitarian services are unparallel and boundless.




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