Sha’aban and the challenges of rebuilding Kaduna

By Abdul Musa

Premier Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto, during the launch of New Nigerian newspaper in 1962 made a historic remark that “although the prevailing remarks was that one should not blow his own trumpet, but time has come to alter that impression that unless one blew his trumpet, nobody will do it for him, because others are busy blowing theirs.” The lesson in the remark by the Sardauna, is what, in present world, is expressed in the context of “if you have it, flaunt it.”

This expression has nothing to do with arrogance or boastfulness. It is rather presentation of what one can offer to the society. And for good measure, it comes with responsibility of who that makes the affirmation. It is in this context that the recent strident calls from all segments of populace in Kaduna for Sani Shaaban to context for governorship of Kaduna state, because, Kaduna, the headquarter of the Northern region, the cradle of northern heritage is in dire stress of leadership deficits.

The current leadership at helm of affairs in the state has proven to be notoriously self-serving, inherently clueless, self-conceiting and rudderless; his maladministration is deeply eating-off the moral fibers that bind the ethnic nationalities in the state.  Indeed Kaduna needs to be rescued.

Each strata of the society in the state had a rough share of this inept-petit, whose actions and inactions, have completely ebb the remaining hope people had on the ruling APC and President Muhammadu Buhari. The quotidian trials and tribulations of dwellers across the state, coupled with his high-handed nature have collectively made life brutish, nasty and strenuous for Kaduna people.

The discontents became glaring from every corner of the state, regardless of tribe and religion, people are urging Shaaban to come out and rescue the state, even President Muhammadu Buhari and his close allies in APC were not lagging behind, the recent endorsements of Shaaban by the president affirmed that indeed Kaduna is under the grip of the most intolerant and autocratic state chief executive whose growing lists of egregiously offensive conduct and abuses of office are exceptional.

For a seasoned politician, traditional title-holder, astute businessman of Shaaban’s hue, who has acquired himself creditably in all sphere of human endeavour, it is not lost on him that the task of rebuilding Kaduna from the ruin of a rogue leader, is certainly not going to be a tea party. It is rather an exercise that would entail a deep philosophical convictions and a sound blueprint that would engage the people, harness their productive energies and restore their lost hope on good governance in Kaduna state.

This is the idea Shaaban is bringing to the fore. The entire agenda is encapsulated into a brilliant package that would restore peace, confidence, pride, productivity, harmonious peaceful coexistence among all in the state.

The exciting plan of action, christened as Covenant with Kaduna People is said to have been put together by some of the most brilliant brains across the world, Shaaban met during this business-globetrotting.

Shaaban’s blueprint for the state has address the prospects and challenges of the state sector by sector, it also explains why Kaduna has failed to take its rightful place among its peers, despite the huge outlay of human and natural resources it is endowed with.

Shaaban is promising a new deal, for the state.  He has, incidentally manifested that track record of remaining focused on target, despite occasional distractions. From 2003 to date he remained consistent with President Muhammadu Buhari’s political philosophy, an avowed party man, Shaaban has faithfully remained in opposition politics all these ways, he flatly refused to accept several enticing offers to join the bandwagon of mainstream politics, a rate trait of typical Nigerian politician.

His humanitarian interventions are not limited to his fellow party folks, his house in Zaria represents a cocktail of all politicians from different leanings, his open door policy to all and sundry in the state is legendary. Youths and womenfolks – the two critical segments that seem to have borne the brunt of neglect by politicians, who often use and dump them – are very dear to him.

A thorough-bred traditional title-holder of Danburam Zazzau, a modern man, who rose to prominence through dint of hardwork, sacrifice and commitments, Shaaban is also from humble and disciplined parentage, these are the basic attributes and many more that combined to make Sani Shaaban the Renaissance Man – a mindset of adaptation and being the best in any circumstances. He has pledged offering leadership and not rulership to the state. On many occasions, on various fora, his concerns, commitments to the wellbeing of Kaduna people are unprecedentedly legendary.

“I will put my talent, my contacts, my resources, and my passion at your disposal and together we will solve the problem in Kaduna state. We shall make our people proud, and we shall create a future for those born and those unborn,” he always promised.

He had also urged the people not to lose hope, but to believe in themselves and their ability to turn their story for good. “Let us pack ourselves up, dust ourselves of, fold our sleeves up and began to reclaim our state. We can do it. Yes it’s possible.”

We hope, that Shaaban will finally bow to these pressures and accepts the clarion calls of his people! Without any iota of doubts Kaduna State needs people like him NOW !!!






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