Tambuwal Upscales Efforts In The Fight Against COVID-19

The stretching of prohibition on exit and entry to Sokoto State, by another two weeks, by the Aminu Waziri led administration, due to the menacing pang of the COVID-19, portrayed its receptiveness to calls and needs, for an all out measures, against the highly contagious disease, savagely suppressing size, in human and economic resources globally.

The Governor made a good consult and by sound judgement on Thursday, 9th/04/2020, after a meeting of critical stakeholders, comprising religious leaders, Islamic clerics and security agents on the pandemic, government, hanged a ‘proscription tag’ on marriage and naming ceremonies’ induced gatherings, to further maintain a zero level status of the plague, in Sokoto State within the said period.

This is in view of the medical inference, mass gatherings actuate the infection, as people come closer, hence, the action by the government. To many, this logically reflected its concern and responsibility on the health of the citizens.

The latest ban, is in addition to the subsisting actions, i.e closure of schools (tertiary, secondary and primary) as well as the stay at home order on civil servants from grade level 12 downward.

Tambuwal’s repetitive tone underpinning the reality of the disease during the meeting, introduced a leader’s wise counsel, on the desirability for his people, to take it as a sacred duty, to adopt preventive steps against being afflicted.

Again, the Governor’s reminder on citizens, especially on a business voyage to Niger Republic to defer such for now, owing to the spiralling cases of Corona virus there, gives a picture of a caring leader.

While the Governor gave an excellent nod, to the State Task Force Committee on COVID-19, for living above board, the Sultan’s recounting of successes in sensitization by traditional rulers, filled the space with an air of confidence, the fight against the Corona virus, is well on course.

The Governor’s foray against the debilitating virus, is to say the least, conspicuous.

Have we forgotten about his recent arrest of a commercial bus, bound for travel outside the State and ordered for the prosecution of the law breaking driver and passengers being conveyed?

It’s part of the onslaught against the dreaded ailment.

On this, much confidence is reposed in the Governor by the citizens, as far as efforts to neutralize the COVID-19, are concerned in Sokoto State!!!!



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