Tragedy as robbers sniffed out truckers’ lives


Tragedy befell the family of Abdullahi  Muhammad  of Massalaci village in Chikun local government Area of Kaduna state, when his two children, Ridwan and Jibrins’ lives were terminated on December 3, 2017, by a gang of daredevil armed robbers that attacked their vehicle at Labi village along Udua-Birnin Gwari  road.

The brothers, Ridwan, aged 30 and Jibrin,  27 were of the same parents.

One of them, Jibrin had a ten day old baby Aisha. In an elaborate naming ceremony on December 10, 2017, a calendar was printed against her birthday and naming ceremony titled: ‘Welcome to the World.’ Ironically he never knew she will be orphaned in less than a week.

On that fateful day he, along with his two brothers and six other co-workers on their firewood business, set out early to a bush, like they usually do any day, in order to cut the logs of woods, bring it to the city and sell it.

On their way, their truck was attacked by armed robbers who opened fire and hit Jibrin who was the driver, which resulted the truck somersaulting and felt on one of his brother, Ridwan, who also died at the spot.

The remaining seven, including his elder brother, Adamu Abdullahi sustained various degrees of injuries, after the ran to bush when the vehicle was earlier attacked.

Jibrin and his brother, Ridwan have since been buried according to Islam rites.

Since 2004, the Birnin Gwari axis of Kaduna has become a haven for robbery, cattle rustling and banditry.

Recently the Nigerian military launch an operation Sharar Daji to rid the area of the kidnappers, armed robbers and bandits’ menace.


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