US envoy commends Gaidam for dev, support to security agencies

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. W Stuart Symington has commended Yobe state Governor Ibrahim Gaidam for his developmental efforts and support to security agencies in the fight against insurgency in the state.

In a visit to the governor at the Yobe Governor’s Lodge in Asokoro, Abuja today, Mr. Symington said support by the states to the federal government is critical in ensuring and strengthening security in the country.

“Governor what I want to say is that the response you made using state resources to support the work of the security forces is exactly what has to happen in Nigeria as a whole and I want to congratulate you and applaud you for it. The challenges that Nigeria faces are too great to be resolved by the federal government alone. It needs the leadership and the support of every state (government) and the leadership and support of people throughout the country. So, I just want to congratulate for your effort”, Ambassador Symington said.

Gaidam and the US ambassador discussed a range of issues of mutual interest with the ambassador assuring the governor that the US embassy in Nigeria will partner with the Yobe State Government in various developmental areas.