Why Buratai said Boko Haram days are numbered – Col. Abraham

Retired Colonel Joseph Abraham, an intelligence and security analyst said, the recent offensive by the military against the Boko Haram terrorists both onshore and offshore of the Lake Chad basin is signaling the a new phase of the war against insurgency in the North East region.

The retired colonel who spoke exclusively to Abuja Chronicle disclosed that the asymmetric nature of the conflict, coupled by the counter-terrorism campaign made the crisis a unique one.

He added that the new pattern represents a new chapter in the history of glorious Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“It also threw up intelligence, threat and security in the Lake Chad region and geo-political-cum military cooperation among the nations of the Lake Chad basin.

“The bilateral and multilateral organizations that keyed into the conflict, globalised the situation to warrant international response,” the security expert maintained.

Scanty pictures obtained by Abuja Chronicle are emerging of combat scenes in the Lake Chad region, where joint Air Force, Naval and Army operations led to massive success against Boko Haram insurgents.

On December 18th 2017, following killings of fishermen by Boko Haram on the Lake Chad islands, sustained and coordinated campaigns were launched on five Islands and localities jointly by Operations Deep Punch and Lafiya Dole.

Troops supported by the aerial assault of fighter jets along with ground troops from the 242 battalion, Monguno rescued 700 former Boko Haram abductees comprising men, women and children.

While more than 1,050 insurgents surrendered in the Lake Chad region, their factional leader, Mohammed Nur was fatally wounded during the onslaught.

Below are some of the exclusive pictures of the Air, Naval and Army offensive that inflicted heavy casualty figures against the insurgents. Viewers may find some of the pictures disturbing.














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